Ceramic Coating Care and Limited Warranty


Care Plan:

Hand Wash Only (No Automatic Car Washes)

Use a PH Balanced Car Soap (Recommend a Hybrid Ceramic Car Soap)

Do Not Use Degreaser On Coated Wheels, use car soap only

Do Not Use Window or Glass Cleaner on coated glass, use car soap only

Towel or Air Dry as spotting can occur

Every 12 months must receive a "Ceramic Refresh Wash" from us this includes the following:

- Ceramic Bath, Ceramic Coat Test, Ceramic Refresh Spray, Towel Dry, Outside Detail ($130)


Limited Warranty

  • Warranty starts on the day of application and expires based on the following:

1 Year Coating: Not Covered Under Any Warranty

3 Year Coating: 36 months from date of application

5 Year Coating: 60 months from date of application

10 Year Graphene Matrix Coating: 84 months from date of application.  Must recieve Graphene Refresh every 12 months. 

Wheels/Glass: 12 Months from date of application (this is due to the surfaces not holding ceramic as well as other painted surfaces)

- Warranty covers the coating only and no other aspect of your vehicle. If paint correction(buff/polish) with claybar was not selected at time of the coating, we are not responsible for damaged areas being covered under the coating.

- Warranty Does not cover the following:

Physical Damages To Paint (Scratches, bug and rock chips, etc)

Warranty claims can be denied if the above is not met and the following is not met:

- Must follow the Care Plan as outlined above

- Must have us do a Ceramic "Refresh Wash" every 12 months. We will not contact you to schedule this. You must contact us to schedule. Cost is $130. Travel fee ($30) does apply to clients outside of a 30 mile radius from us. During this wash, we will check the integrity of the coating as well as for "Chalking". Chalking happens when a non PH Balanced soap is used on the coating or dish soap, glass cleaner is used. This would indicate an auto wash or non Care Plan type wash was done.

If the above criteria is met and the ceramic is failing within the time frames listed above under warranty, Biddy's Mobile Auto Detail, LLC will re-apply the coating. Any reapplication of coatings will only be warrantied for 12 months after application unless your coating fails within the first 2 years of application. If it fails within that time frame then the remaining months of your warranty will be added to the 12 months of the new coating.

No refunds will be given if a coating is failing or failed and all warranty requirements are met. Only reapplication of the coating.



Your new coating will take about 2-3 weeks to cure to its full strength. During that time, some precautions should be taken.

Curing time is 2-3 weeks depending on environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. Take special care during time period. The coating can help prevent your clear coat from water spots as it is hydrophobic. The Coating, however is not bullet proof and can still get hard water spots. The coating is less likely to etch than your factory clear, but it can especially get water spots during the curing process and can be costly to remove.

During the curing process avoid:

Parking under a trees specially if there are shedding. You don’t want tree sap on a fresh coating.

Allowing bird droppings, sap or pollen to sit on the car and bake in the sun.

Washing or abrading the paint

If you notice that your car gets water spots, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap or other contaminants during the first two weeks, immediately remove it following our care instructions. Keep in mind the coating is still soft. Be gentle when working on the paint.


NOTICE: The First 12 to 24 hours after application of your coating you must avoid getting the vehicle wet if possible. Biddy's Mobile Auto Detail LLC is not responsible for any weather related damage to your coating within the first 24 hours after application (streaking from rain, etc).


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