You wanted the best? Well, you have found it!  Check out our site and contact us when  you are ready to have your vehicle TRANSFORMED!


This is our top of the line offering. Get a Super Thick Foam Wash and Spray Wax or a waterless wash and wax if requested! We then clean your interior and shampoo it! We vacuum up any mess and dirt/debris. If you have leather upholstery, it is given a fine leather treatment to shine it back up and bring some life into it. We then wipe down all plastic surfaces and clean your door jams and then finish it off with our special super shine interior protectant!  This also includes an amazing tire clean and wheel well clean, followed up by a super shine tire dressing and greasy, shine wheel dressing.  We also apply rubber treatment to your outside rubbers and plastics to bring them back to life! Finally, the vehicle is dried and windows wiped down inside and out!


Ask us about the Ultimate Monty!  It includes the Full Monty plus the following:
- Headlight Restoration (if needed)
- Buff/Polish Paint Correction
- 1 Year Royal Blue Wax
- Upgrade to a Ceramic or Graphene Matrix Coating!


Biddys Mobile Auto Detail is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to our ceramic coatings. No other detailer in North Georgia offers the ability to do this right in your own driveway!  We use our own proprietary 9H+ Ceramic Coating that comes straight from the manufacture ready to install on your vehicle! This isn't a spray or wax! It's a true ceramic coating that can last 1 to 3 years! You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Now, offering Graphene Matrix Coatings that can last up to 7 years!


Just look at that!  Professional steam cleaned and vaccumed. Then topped off with our patent pending new car scent and vinyl/rubber conditioner with protectant.


Have a convertible? Did you know that a standard car wash or any high pressure wash damages your top and shortens its life.  It's True! Look at your owners manual and it will more than likely say to never use pressurized water on your soft top. With our Convertible Top Service, we will gently clean it with a specialized cleaner and then follow it up with a 6 month sealer and protectant.


This is an add on service to spruce up your engine compartment.  Make your engine look show room ready again!


The Full Monty  

Foam Wash/Wax

Undercarriage Wash

Wheel and Tire Wash with Dressing

Wheel Well Clean and Shine

Exterior Detail (Trim and Dressing)

Interior Shampoo with Odor Clear

Interior Vacuum

Interior Steam and Protect

Window Cleaning

Inside Protectant and Shine 

The Ultimate Monty

Includes the Full Monty 

Headlight Restoration (if needed)

Buff/Polish Paint Correction

1 Year Wax or Ceramic Coating

These services can be done anywhere!

We come to you!

NanoSkin Coating - Last 3 to 6 months.  Can be added on to any Full Monty Detail or done alone.

Convertible Top Clean and Protect 

Engine Detail (Add-On to any service) 


Clay Bar Service w/Wax Job

This removes all impurities from the paint and leaves it clean for a good wax job.  We require that at least a regular foam wash be done when doing this service.  

Permanent Tire Dressing

Last up to 1 Year!  You will no longer need to keep buying tire shine!  

1 Year Wax and Protect

Protect your vehicle for up to 1 Year!

Buffing and Polish Paint Corection

Remove those impurities in your paint and get your car looking great again! 

Ceramic Coating 

Get your vehicle protected with a ceramic coating!  This protects better and longer than wax and we have options from 2 Years to 5 Years of protection!  With our ceramic coating, your vehicle will be protected for years to come!  We can do this right in the comfort of your driveway or garage! 

Graphene Matrix Coating

Protects better than a ceramic coating! Last up to 7 Years!

We serve all of Northwest Georgia,  

We provide these services to any vehicle. Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Van's, Tractor Trailers, Farm Equipment, Commercial Vehicles, etc.  For pricing, please contact us for a quote.

Remember, we can come to you whether its your home or your job and do the detail RIGHT THERE! 

Please fill out the form below, call (please leave a message), text or visit us on Facebook and message us to book yours today!

I come to you! To setup a day and time you can either fill out the form below (I will respond the same business day if before 6pm EST) or call me between the hours of 9am-6pm EST Mon thru Sat at 706-483-7241. 



With it getting into Fall, that means that it will be getting dark earlier (you know when it's 5pm and looks like 10pm outside). Are your headlights ready? Did you know that fogged up headlights arent only bad to look at but can be down right dangerous in the dark? I am proud to announce that we now offer headlight restoration services here at Biddy's Mobile-Auto Detail! Don't wait until it's too late! Get it fixed today!


Wham Bam Thank Ya M'am!  Simply The Best!



We are usually busy working on vehicles during the day. In order to best serve you please call or text 706-483-7241 or message us on Facebook for faster service (typically able to reply within an hour via text or facebook).  If you call, please leave a voicemail if we do not answer. Again, we stay busy during the day and may not be able to reach out until the evening hours unless you text or message us on facebook. When contacting us:  Please include the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle and what service(s) you are interested in, as well as your location (city only for quote).

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